There can be quite a bit of animosity and contention involved when going through a divorce. In these difficult situations, it can also be all but impossible for parties to trust each other.  This can complicate matters when attempting to resolve property division. California laws state that all property acquired during a marriage generally belongs to the “community,” or the marriage. As such, each person should get half of all community property and community debts. If you don’t trust your ex, then you might consider the following tips for pursuing a fair division of assets.

  1. Collect financial information before you file for divorce to ensure you have a more accurate and complete picture of your financial situation. This will become extremely useful as once the divorce is underway and your ex moves out they may start changing passwords and closing accounts.
  2. Hire a financial professional or forensic accountant if you feel your financial records reveal discrepancies. If you have good reason to believe your ex is hiding property, a financial professional or forensic account may be a good idea.
  3. Consider litigation if you truly believe you cannot come to a fair, lawful agreement about property division through efforts like mediation. If this is the case, then you could go to the courts for resolution. The formality of the court systems and the discovery process can provide the objective, comprehensive examination of this matter that you could not get in mediation.

Covering your bases can be crucial during property division, particularly if you do not trust your ex. With the help of an experienced attorney at Dallara Law, you can work to pursue the full and fair settlement you deserve.

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